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activate your inner light

be the change you want to see in the world

follow your spiritual truth

stay strong & focused

embrace change

love unconditionally

feel your way through the storm

stay curious & gather knowledge

forgive yourself... let go

laugh a lot!

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Healing & Healing Courses


A healer is a compassionate, intuitive empath who supports, teaches, holds space, helps to ignite the divine spark inside another to be able to heal oneself & has the ability to remove energetic blockages in the energy bodies. 



Tailor made, holistic, retreats, in the mountains of the Cantal, France. 

A perfect sanctuary for peace, spiritual reflection & healing.   As structured or as 'open planned' as you like. 



 Meditation is the act of calming your mind by focusing on your inner world. 

When you meditate regularly, you become consciously self-aware and more centered, less likely to react quickly to the stresses around you.



 A doula is someone who provides emotional support, comfort, practical help and advice to an expectant family during the pregnancy and during and after birth. They work alongside other health proffessionals. 


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You are an absolutely amazing woman, not just in your healing side of things but as a person, you have this aura about you that is just calming and beautiful and you are fantastic at massage, i definately miss that. I dont know how you find the time to do all that you do, you always seem to know the right things to say to motivate me to do things (and thats hard believe me) you are just an amazing positive person. Xx

- Donna, UK

Ma première séance de guérison ce matin au "Jardin d'Eve" à Vedèche (Saint-Martin-Valmeroux).
J'ai aimé m'abandonner à cette nouvelle expérience en toute confiance, car Eve sait vous mettre à l'aise et m'a réservé un super accueil.
Elle a pratiqué une séance de rééquilibrage des énergies et j'en ressors avec des impressions et des sensations très positives : j'ai découvert que les énergies sont toujours en mouvement et j'ai pu voir (les yeux fermés) toutes les couleurs des chakras. J'en ressors très ressourcée et apaisée. Eve vous acceuille dans une jolie tente très confortable, dans son jardin en pleine nature, un cadre très inspirant et agréable. Je recommande à tous ce beau voyage en énergie. Merci Eve, tu es vraiment étonnante et  généreuse xxx 

- Isabelle, France

I first met Eve when i visited Garden of Eve back in 2011.I found everything about her so inspiring and it was being in her presence that made me realize that i should reach for my dream of becoming a therapist myself. I will always be grateful for the day i walked into that healing centre ,quite randomly .The spiritual feel of both Eve and the Garden of Eve are with me every day.I thank you .

- Sharon, UK


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Vedeche, Saint-Martin-Valmeroux, Cantal, Auvergne, France

Eve Email: jardindeve@outlook.com Tel: + 33 (0)6 32 07 20 84

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