What is a Doula?

A ‘Doula’ is…

someone who provides emotional strength and support, comfort, practical help and advice to an expectant family during the pregnancy and during and after the birth. They work alongside other health professionals.

The word originates…

 from the Greek word for ‘servant’ or ‘attendant’ -“Doulos”

Co-Creating your little tribe is a wonderful, unique, personal journey and  it is important that you and your loved one’s stay in control and understand everything that is happening throughout. 

First you have to find…

a Doula to suit your needs and you may have to meet a few before you finally decide. Knowing exactly what you need may be more difficult than it seems but I suggest start with writing down your ‘expectations’ and let it unfold from there, they may change throughout the different stages of your pregnancy so don’t worry just ‘go with the flow’ and ‘trust your gut instincts’.

Doula’s can offer…

different things/have different roles but ultimately it is YOU who determines the role of a Doula. With every family they support their role is slightly different.

Such as..

Offering education and advice on topics such as what is happening to your body, the stages of pregnancy and labour, pain relief, positions for labour and birth, positions for breastfeeding, coping with physical conditions such as mastitis or thrush, care of the umbilical cord, nappy hygiene etc.

 Providing emotional support and reassurance throughout and postnataly; when settling back into your home. Especially for families who have never had a baby before and may be gaining confidence in their parenting skills.

Providing practical support during labour such as assisting with position changes, wiping a womans forehead, holding her hand, making the tea, helping with positioning for breastfeeding, feeding/bathing the baby, performing household chores, caring for older children etc.

Doula’s work…

in a professional manner, which means acting with honesty and integrity, arriving for appointments on time, following through with agreed obligations, signing a written agreement with clients and maintaining strict client confidentiality.


Having a baby is an amazing, empowering, personal experience, one which you will remember and talk about all of your life… I send you many blessings.

If you would like any more information about the above then please contact me. I am currently training to be a Doula and will be providing more details of my services as soon as i’m qualified.