I am training to be a Doula


Je m'entraîne avec

* I am training with  *

Souhaitez-vous les services d'un Doula gratuitement?

Je dois trouver deux personnes pour m'aider pendant ma formation.

* Do you want the services of a Doula for free?

I have to find two people to help me during my training *

What is a Doula?


A ‘Doula’ is

someone who provides emotional strength and support, comfort, practical help and advice to an expectant family during the pregnancy and during and after the birth. They work alongside other health professionals...

Doula Links


Je suis constamment

mettre à jour cette

page donc s'il vous plaît continuez à vérifier

* I am constantly

updating this 

page so please keep checking  *

My Doula Services


 When I am fully qualified I will be 

offering various Doula packages, 

Tailor made to the families needs.

Support Groups


from Spring 2020 

I will be offering various 

Support Groups.

covering a wide range  of topics.



When I am fully qualified I will be hosting various Workshops

here at Jardin d'Eve.

Any Questions... ?

This is my Facebook Page 'Eve la Doula

If you have any questions or would like  any more information

please don't hesitate to contact me...