What is a Healer?

In a nutshell...

a healer is a compassionate, intuitive empath who supports, teaches, holds space, helps to ignite the divine spark inside another to be able to heal oneself & has the ability to remove energetic blockages in the energy bodies. 

What is a Healing?

'A Healing' is an allocated amount of time given, one on one normally, where you sit/lay down and relax, while a healer (myself) re-balances your energy bodies. 

The energy transmitted through myself will help to remove any blockages or muddy areas that have built up over a period of time.

You will feel a deep sense of relaxation, some warmth coming from my hands (either from gently touching your body, or not, it is your choice) and in different parts of your body. You may experience subtle feelings of movement, see gentle colours (while your eyes are closed) or just simply fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

All this can also be experienced if you are having a distance healing too.

We all have numerous energy bodies surrounding our physical body. This is called our AURA. Any 'Dis-Ease' in the physical is generated from one (or more) of the energy bodies.

Once these energetic blockages are released they can manifest themselves in various ways - 

tearful, mild diarrhoea, hot or cold sweats, tiredness, tingling sensations,   

Remember that these are only temporary and will subside. It is just your energy body re-balancing itself and getting rid of toxins.

The healing works on an holistic level.

Holistic means to treat 'the whole'... Mind, Body & Spirit. 

It is client led, which means you give me as much or as little information as you like about why you have come for a healing. I will intuitively 'tune in' and the energy will go wherever it is needed.

Before/Aftercare Advice...

Everyone and eveything is connected by energy.  Therefore once you have intentionaly booked your time with me your healing will have subtly begun on a subconscious level.

During the whole process (before, during and after) I ask you to be kind to yourself. This means to drink lots of filtered water, listen to your body, rest when you need to rest,  get as much sleep as you can,  avoid toxins (such as alcohol, processed food & sugars) avoid stressful situations, smart devices & geopathic stress...  at least for the few days following.

As this will all have an impact on how effective the healing will be.

It is your choice on how often you go for a healing but I do urge you on having regular Holistic Therapies (whichever one's you are drawn to)  as this gives you essential  rejuvenation time so the energies can flow freely.

Prevention and regular maintanence is always better than waiting until you feel 'unwell'. 

Always honour yourself so you can be the best you that you can be.


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Self Healing, Healing Others & Distance Healing...

You can learn to self heal, heal others & distance heal

in  my Basic Healing Course.

It is also possible to heal yourself in lots of other ways. 

By keeping a positive attitude and mind, being kind to yourself, eating organic food, drinking filtered water, taking long walks in nature, getting quality sleep, staying away from EMF micro-waves etc

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All the names are fully confidential.

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