Jardin d'eve

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Jardin d'Eve


Garden of Eve - en France

Welcome to Jardin d'Eve
in the mountains of the Cantal, Auvergne, France.

We are the Dalley family - 

Roy, Eve, (Danielle), (Georgia), River, Florence and Forest 

- we have recently moved from the south of the UK to our new home in the south of France. 

 We are creating a Peaceful, Interactive, Global Community.  



Building, Sharing Knowledge, Organic Gardening, Sharing Food/Seeds, Accommodation; Chambres d'hotes, Student Exchange, Home School Gatherings, Healings, Retreats, 

Workshops/Events, a Place for Rest and Rejuvenation.  

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We will also be video-documenting our journey, in working progress over the next couple of years and beyond.

Together we can make huge changes that 

ripple out to the rest of the world. 

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Vedeche, 15140, Saint-Martin-Valmeroux, Cantal, France

Off Grid Camping Pitch Available



Barn, Garden & Cow Bells

This is our new barn and garden, in it’s raw state, in July 2017. You can hear the enchanting sound of cowbells in the nearby fields. Our neighbours are approx 400m away, you can also see them in this video.

Inside the Barn

This is inside our new barn, in it’s raw state, in July 2017. The farmer has kindly left us a few old carts and things. You can hear the enchanting sound of cowbells in the distance.

Discussing Future Plans

This is me and Roy discussing our future plans for the front of the barn, in July 2017

Our Nearest Waterfall

This is the nearest Waterfall ‘Cascade’ to us. Cascade de Salins. It is located on the River ‘L’Auze’ on the D922 from St. Martin Valmeroux to Mauriac. It is only fully visable from your car when travelling from the direction of Mauriac .

Repairing the Inside Wall

During our visit in September 2017. Roy has nearly finished repairing the inside wall.

You can see just how big the barn is, with Roy standing beside it. He is on the second level

Re-Cap of the Barn

A brief description of the state of the barn… so far. Top side.

Last look at the barn

A last, quick look at our barn of 2017. 

See you next year!