What is Meditation?

Meditation is the act of calming your mind by focusing on your inner world. 

When you meditate regularly, you become consciously self-aware and more centered, less likely to react quickly to the stresses around you.

There are many different techniques you can follow from traditions around the world.  For example - 

guided meditations, mindfulness, moving meditation, visualisation, chanting, praying, zen, vipassana, yoga... and so on...

It's not complicated at all it's just a matter of finding the one that feels right for you.

It's definitely a personal thing. 

I would recommend keeping a diary/journal of your thoughts and experiences you have during your meditations, to help you along your journey.

The Health Benefits...

There are many Holistic (meaning to treat the ' Whole' - mind, body & spirit) benefits to Meditating regularly. 

These include - 

reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, pain relief, better decision making, reducing stress, improving emotional stability, lengthening attention span, improving memory loss, generating kindness, helping to combat addictions...

Which have all been scientifically proven.

Meditation at Jardin d'Eve...

In the past I have tried a few different types of meditation. I used to run a weekly drop-in meditation session in the UK, it was different every week. 

These last few years have been very busy for me, creating my family and i've had to adapt my day to make sure I spend just a few minutes at least meditating. 

I am very excited about getting into a routine again and meeting new people.

Whether you are a beginner or had a lot of experience, it doesn't matter at all. 

You can certainly learn from meeting different people and discussing your experiences.

I can give you advice for practising meditating at home or you are welcome to join me here in our peace garden. 

Take a look at our 'Events' page and 'Price List' for more details.