Food is Free - La Nourriture est Gratuite

 We are making a Non Profit Association, here in France. 

  We have three official people running it and it will involve some participation from members of the community.
I am English & the other two admin are French.
We are starting very basic and letting it organically grow to so please be patient with us while we update all the info on this page. 


 nous sommes en train de créer une association de loi 1901, ici en France. 

 Nous avons un bureau composé de trois personnes et nous allons inclure la participation des membres de notre communauté.
Je suis anglaise et les deux autres personnes sont françaises.
Nous commençons de manière la plus simple possible et allons laisser notre organisation se développer d'elle même, merci d'être patient avec nous pendant que nous mettons à jours toutes les informations sur la page. 


La Nourriture est Gratuite


 The aim of our association is for our local community to share food and other everyday products for free. 

We know that there are many families who would greatly benefit a service such as this as we have met them on a personal level.

Sharing without judgement, without any official procedures, without going through any system or disclosing personal information.

It will of course organically grow. We will learn the best way forward as we go along.

We aim to collect packet food and drink items, sanitary/feminine products, baby items, toiletries etc generously donated by members of the local community. 

We will be storing them in a safe, dry place in our barn in a locked cupboard. 

We have produced a list of suggested items to help people with their donation choices.

We have also provided a couple of suggested rules for the community to follow. 

We will not be collecting alcohol because we do not know what problems/addictions people may have.

We will encourage people to only take what they need at the time.

People can take items once or on a regular basis.

It will be open every afternoon during the week but we will be available to contact in the case of an emergency at other times.

In the spring and summer months we will be encouraging members of the community to help, grow and share fresh produce from our community garden.

We will also be starting a seed bank, where people can share seeds and take them home to their own gardens.

We aim to have a relaxed and friendly approach, this will help to gain the trust of the community so we can meet their needs more effectively.

We will be putting up posters in the local area to explain our project in more detail, making flyers/leaflets to distribute in places that people visit regularly.

For example – library, schools, mayor’s office, post office, doctors etc

The more places we spread awareness the more of the community we can reach.

We will also be communicating with social workers as they can pass on our information to the more vulnerable families.

We will work on a trust basis and all information & situations will be treated strictly confidentially.

en Français...

 Le but de notre association est de partager gratuitement de la nourriture et des produits du quotidien au sein de la communauté locale. 

Nous savons qu’il existe de nombreuses familles qui pourront tirer de grands bénéfices de ce service, les ayant rencontré personnellement...

Community Sharing Project Template


This is a template, please adapt it to suit the needs of your own community, it is designed to give you some ideas, help to run your project efficiently and effectively and encourage people to be self-sufficient, while being an active part of their local community.  

Modèle pour projet de partage Communautaire


 Ceci est un modèle, merci de l’adapter aux besoins de votre propre communauté, il a été écrit afin de vous donner des idées, de vous aider à mener efficacement et de manière correcte votre projet et devous encourager à devenir auto-suffisant tout en étant actif au sein de votre communauté locale